Cultural Science Conference of Persian Gulf (Grounds & Needs)

In view of the forgeries in the great title of ‘The Persian Gulf’ by some of the countries in the region and the International Geographic Organizations, The Supreme Council for Cultural Revolution upon proposition of General Culture Council (the Day of Portuguese Expulsion from Strait of Hormoz) has entitled 30th April ‘The National Day of The Persian Gulf’. To this day and from 2005 ISTTA (Iranian Students Traveling and Tourism Agency’ in affiliation with ACECR has held eleven conference period in conjunction with the great title of the Persian Gulf and also has greatly described the historical, strategic, political, tourism and economic advantages of the Persian Gulf. The requisites to hold this conference on behalf of ISTTA has been sourced by the fact that the Persian Gulf with an ancient Persian history and civilization goes beyond a sole simple title or being a coast line and that throughout history has constantly sustained a privileged place. This essential blue zone that from 2500 years ago was entitled the ‘Persian Sea’ carries a rich historical, geographical, culture and civilization records that besides its economical role namely global energy supply is also highly significant from various political, economic and tourism pros. During these years, the secretariat of the conference has endeavoured to assemble academic scientific board members, connoisseurs and experts au courant various Persian Gulf studies whom are also proficient in variegated topics and issues of Persian Gulf history, culture, energy, environment, tourism, etc. and whom have further published conference findings within a frame of proceedings or conference reports. It is worth mentioning that so far nine issues of technical quarterly of Persian Gulf Cultural political studies have been published as follow-up of the Secretariat and have been indexed in valid citation databases. By this cause and by organizing the dispersed efforts of academics, ISTTA has attempted to highlight the issue of the Persian Gulf as a serious concern to uphold the legitimate cultural and political rights of the Iranian people. Consequently, the Permanent Secretariat of the National Scientific-Research Conference of the Persian Gulf with history of holding 11 congresses in the center of scientific and cultural tourism of students of Iran has been established and by Blessings of the Almighty shall also hold The 12th National &The 1st International Scientific Cultural Conference of The Persian Gulf.